Vision Quest

Leading edge corporations continually transform not only themselves but also the business landscape in which they operate. 

Whenever this happens, we see those who lead possessing a clear VISION of WHAT their corporations are doing; WHERE they are going and more importantly, WHY. They have a genuine, tangible sense of PURPOSE – a purpose that inspires them, their employees and their customers. It’s not a goal. It’s not a corporate mission. It’s a PURPOSE that inspires.

The Barefoot Leadership Vision Quest is a three-month “PURPOSE” program that is much more than just training, coaching or learning – It is a significant life event. And it’s for leaders who are motivated to transform their companies into inspired, dynamic, purpose driven organisations.

The Vision Quest program brings focus to important and fundamental questions that many leaders overlook. It contains elements designed to give you space and time away from the demands of your day to day routine so that you can access the deeper truth of your journey – Your personal sense of Purpose and its accompanying real-world Vision

Our program asks you to look honestly at every aspect of your personal journey and can be both revealing and challenging. 

The Vision Quest has been adapted for business from powerful, ancient traditions and practices, but it has not been diluted – it is a very real and authentic life experience.


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