The ORCA Matrix

The ORCA Matrix ™ – Organisational Resonance & Consciousness Assessment is a leading edge diagnostic tool that has been developed to assist business leaders in evaluating and better understanding their organisation.

The ORCA Matrix ™ takes a unique perspective of your business, considering all it’s many layers, functions and complexity and provides an easy to read, clear picture of the organisation’s current evolutionary level…and what that means. Essential part of the report is also an analysis of where the company stands in relation to evolutionary trends within their operating market.

The information in your ORCA Matrix ™ Report offers unique understanding and clarity about what is going on in your business now, why it is happening…and what needs to be done if you wish to be successful in the future.

To find out more about this new, highly innovative evaluation tool and the philosophy behind its creation, please visit our website dedicated specifically to the ORCA Matrix ™.

Barefoot Leadership offers a comprehensive range of ORCA Matrix ™ products. Contact us directly to discuss which one best suits your current situation and needs.

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Personal Worldview 

As someone with leadership responsibilities within your organisation, your Personal Worldview is a significant but often unseen factor of influence in the operation and ultimate success of the company – It is the lens through which you perceive everything that happens around you; It is the sum total of your ideas, understanding, perspectives and beliefs. And it fundamentally affects how you do business.

Irrespective of how your company is performing right now, if you wish to understand your actual “influence footprint” within your organisational environment (and optimise results going forward), you will need to know where your Personal Worldview sits on the scale of organisational evolution.

The results are sometimes surprising, always revealing…and more often than not, become a catalyst for significant, transformative change.

Understanding your Personal Worldview is a first step towards realising your personal vision for your business.

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Team Consciousness & Resonance

One of the key determinants of genuine business success is the performance of your leadership team. Consequently, building high performing teams has become a key leadership competency in all corporations at the leading edge of their respective industries.

The ORCA Matrix™ Team Consciousness & Resonance Assessment provides powerful insights into your leadership team’s internal dynamics and their subsequent performance potential…and limitations. This information is critical when designing the specifics of your ongoing change strategy and for building strong foundations of trust and personal accountability that it’s successful implementation will require.

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Organisational Consciousness & Resonance

The Organisational Consciousness & Resonance Assessment is the most comprehensive ORCA Matrix ™ diagnostic tool – it evaluates over 50 categories of your business operation and determines the respective levels of organisational consciousness and resonance within your business. The highly specific, detailed information and subsequent insights that you receive from the Organisational Consciousness & Resonance Report  will help you:

  • Respond effectively to the internal dynamics within your organisation
  • Utilise them more consciously in your organisational development strategies
  • See the ‘Big Picture’ of where your company sits within its industry and what needs to be done to optimise future performance and results
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The unique range of ORCA Matrix™ products provide information to confidently address change preparedness and specific needs on personal, team and organisational levels. The analysis and it’s resultant conclusions will help you design and develop a change strategy that really works.


Complete our complimentary “Top Leaders Worldview Questionnaire” and you will receive a Snapshot Report with valuable information about the Organisational Consciousness Level you naturally operate from.

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