The objective of every Barefoot Leadership program is the strategic, operational and cultural transformation of your business.

Our products and services empower you to become an agent of positive change and enable your business to transform into naturally adapting, agile organisation manifesting it’s purpose through inspiring vision.

Our clients become our partners; together we are able to change the way we run our organisations. Together we can transform the corporate world into a powerful tool in raising collective consciousness and in extending positive impact on the entire humanity.

The world has changed. To sustain prosperous future, we can not continue exploiting our people and our nature. The shift of the way we collectively operate is inevitable. Partnering with us will assist you in leading the edge.


Your Change and Transformation Journey:


Inspiring Change   – The ORCA Matrix ™

Start with the clear picture of where your organisation is now on the scale of Organisational Evolution as the whole and in every aspect of its operation by using our leading edge diagnostic tools. See it as it is; not better, not worse. Our approach will enable you to see the truth and make conscious decisions.

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Unlocking Change – Vision Quest

Connect with your personal WHY and let your genuine motivation transform into real tangible vision for yourself and your organisation to follow. Only when we accept fully who we are and what truly inspires us, the real change and transformation can happen.

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