Passion and High Performance

Passion is a free flow of natural energy that leads us to fulfilment of our dreams, desires and purpose in life.

When we do anything with passion, we express every part of who we are. When we feel passion, it simply means we have connected with an aspect of our purpose and aligned our being in that moment with something deep-seated and fundamental – It serves us as guidance.

Passion is one of the Master Keys to high performance and works as a performance activator.

If people are not allowed to express themselves fully; if passionate expression of ideas, thoughts and feelings is not allowed, they are in fact being asked to leave part of themselves at home. How they can be fully engaged and performing at their best? It’s simply impossible.

Companies that are genuine when they say that they want to unleash their peoples’ full potential and tap into unused talents, skills, experience and discretionary energy, have to create environments that welcome authenticity.

Companies with high levels of organisational consciousness know that. Their leaders have crafted the mastery of creating a real sense of community where people can again be people –  human beings with their passions, desires, pains and fears. This new mastery of harnessing highly conscious, positive inclusiveness is the evolving competence of the future. Creating such environments is the ‘task’ all conscious leaders are being called to undertake.

What does it mean for you as a leader?

  1. Check it for yourself. When are you performing at your best; when you feel passionate about something or otherwise?
  2. When you notice passion, follow it, let it flow. It is a moment where people open up to their fullness, their whole potential – and use it.
  3. Create a workplace where passion and full expression of self is welcome.