Who We Are

“We are here to make a difference – This is a lot more than just ‘work’ for us…”

We are assisting courageous business leaders... in creating purpose driven organisations…by connecting them with their own inspired vision…empowering them to lead the change…and partnering with them on their journey of transformation.



Karolina Maya

Karolina is an international expert in Organisational Change, People Engagement and Corporate Transformation. Karolina has held senior general management, HR, Organisational Development and Operational Leadership roles in both regional and multi-national corporations based in Europe, the US and the Asia-Pacific over a 30-year career with extensive experience in banking, insurance, manufacturing, engineering and consulting industries. Karolina holds a Masters Degree in Economics.

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Indra Reinpuu

Indra is a university trained educator, coach, author and speaker who has been working in the fields  of personal coaching, building cultures of success, team optimisation and raising consciousness for over 30 years. He pioneered the South Australian Personal Training industry and has coached elite sporting teams up to the Olympic level. In his unique work he utilises the transformational capacity of symbols, deep mindfulness  and power of communing with nature from his extensive experience as Shamanic practitioner.

+61 413 465 569