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Barefoot Leadership is a global business coaching consultancy specialising in Organisational Change and Transformation.

The world has changed and so has the world of change.

Three decades of senior leadership and managerial experience in high-level corporate environments have made it very clear to us that the way many companies deal with organisational change is no longer effective in today’s rapidly evolving corporate landscape.

To succeed in implementing long term organisational transformation across your business, change itself must become part of your intrinsic nature.

We assist business leaders in unlocking their personal capacity to effectively navigate change and transformation through these uncertain and often chaotic times – ensuring sustainable and purpose-driven futures for their organisations.

Conscious change is a journey.

We understand corporations today are operating within shifting environments that hold both high levels of uncertainty and unparalleled opportunity. Critical decisions around planning, people engagement, resource management, operational systems and overall business performance are all affected and every leader is being called upon to respond. In a period of rapid and unprecedented change, the way forward is rarely clear.

Successfully seizing the opportunity within an evolving corporate landscape means being able to effectively navigate both the unfamiliar and the unexpected. For businesses to  their way in days ahead, leaders will need clarity of vision, a sense of meaningful purpose and new operating paradigms for what they do, how they do it and most importantly…why

Barefoot Leadership is a dynamic, leading edge partner for inspired business leaders and organisations on their journey through change and transformation. Our highly original approach connects you with true purpose and a tangible business vision and then helps implement strategies that support their tangible, real world realisation.

The objective of every Barefoot Leadership program is the strategic, operational and cultural transformation of your business.

How we work –  we take you on the Journey:

206284The ORCA Matrix™ – Organisational Resonance & Consciousness Assessment

We help you to see the fundamentals of your business from a unique perspective, bringing clarity to the complexity. This powerful tool provides you with profound insights into your organisation and brings deep understanding of where you are now. The ORCA Matrix ™ reveals the underlying nature of your organisational landscape – it’s  risks, it’s  opportunities…and where to begin.

ImageVision Quest

This peerless experience of directed discovery will connect you with a tangible, meaningful vision for your business and the very personal purpose behind it.

The Vision Quest unlocks a deep, inner motivation for transformative change and the inspiration to share and communicate it to others.

Image 2Conscious Coaching

The practice of Conscious Coaching is a very real and sometimes raw process. It allows you to realise the influence of your own beliefs and patterns, assists you with overcoming their limitations and strengthens your inner discrimination and guidance.

Conscious Coaching keeps you on purpose, keeps it real and holds you accountable.

Image 3Strategic Change & Transformation Workshops

Facilitated workshops that bring your team together to transform your vision into a tangible change and transformation plan – your unique Change Journey Map.

Our style of work supports a mutual commitment to the organisational vision and team accountability for the shared journey towards your organisational vision that you can ‘see, touch and smell’.

Image 4Change Program Management

We assist you and your teams with leading edge, hands-on, in-house guidance, direction and support throughout all stages of change management.

Image 6Conscious Team Coaching & Training

Delivered through varying integrated modalities; tailored to generate optimal results in support of the change, the organisation’s vision and it’s evolving culture.

Every work team has the capacity to transform and change – this training asks for a commitment to do so. It is a powerful and profound journey for your team to share.

Image 5The Journey Checkpoints Meetings

Check and Go meetings will help you to stay on track, adjust and calibrate. These meetings will also serve to bounce, consult and test your ideas for the journey forward.

Every change and transformation, whether personal or organisational, is highly unique.

Your Change Journey will reflect exactly that – it will be uniquely yours. We will walk it with you.

The Conscious Change Coaches at Barefoot Leadership have created, crafted, practiced and refined our organisational change and transformation tools over the duration of their own top level corporate and elite sport leadership / coaching careers.

We will share them with you.

Working with us is very real, often raw and confronting in nature and always authentic in its objectives and outcomes.

For a consultation on how can we assist your business and yourself – contact us.


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